Google’s Annual Top Performer Event- Feb 2nd, 2016

Every year Google puts together an all day event for Top Performers/Top Contributors in the Streetview “See Inside” program. I was so excited for the event that I couldn’t sleep the night before.This year included on campus breakfast and lunch (AMAZING!), presentations from relative departments including a sneak peak into Google Cardboard, and feedback discussions.

The most rewarding part of this event for me, was to see the “bigger picture”. Everyday I’m grinding in the field, and to be honest, some days you feel like you’re all alone. We don’t have a bunch of coworkers and an office environment with various departments. We are out there day by day, bringing pictures and Google Virtual Tours of businesses to life. The “bigger picture” was to see many of the fellow photographers in the program throughout different parts of the world- doing what I do, come together for this special day. The “bigger picture” is to reassure myself that there are many people out there contributing to this common belief that one day, we will live in a world where we can explore our local businesses through online imagery, to better understand what they have to offer. The “bigger picture”, was to see that internally on campus, Google is continuing to advance and develop products that help society.

We stopped by so many different buildings throughout the day. Google has buildings on both sides of the 101 freeway, for about 3 exits or so. It seriously felt like the Vegas strip, but instead of hotels, it was nothing but Google buildings. Everyone on campus is so diverse, so young, and even if they were older, they were young in thought process. Not the immature kind of young, but young in the sense that sky’s the limit, open minded young, innovative young.

If you were wondering…

  • Yes, they have Google bikes everywhere to get from building to building
  • Yes, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different Restaurants per building
  • Yes, they have “micro kitchens” in every building which has snacks, candy, tea, coffee, soda, and Redbull!

It was definitely a rewarding experience, and everything came together.