Son Mai joined the Google Business View program as the first 30 photographers to kick off the project during public launch in 2012. Today the program has expanded globally in different parts of the world such as EMEA, Japan, United States, Australia, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, etc. Google's "See Inside" function is produced by certified photographers that Google has hand selected. All photographers go through specific training and certification to be able to offer Google's Streetview for not only outside, but now also inside of locations. Google Virtual Tours are produced with the highest quality, and follow strict guidelines for uniformity across Google Maps & Google Search. 

While Son Mai attended SFSU, he took on the project in between studying. Today, Son has teamed up with 2 product specialists to take on the project full time and year round. We have been fully dedicated to becoming the best at one thing- and one thing only, Google Virtual Tours. We service all of California, with a primary focus on the Sacramento Region, in which we call home. Streetview started in 2005, and to many people it did not seem necessary. Today, Streetview has become the norm, and now everyone expects it to be available. People use Streetview to familiarize themselves with an area simply through their mobile device or computer, and to help them efficiently make decisions and actually get there. We believe Google's "See Inside" function will also be the norm, helping people efficiently understand better about local businesses. We also believe that through Google's Virtual Tour technology, people are comfortable/confident to explore their own city, or to move around from city to city, whether they are relocating or just visiting. It has been an exciting journey to be part of the program, and rewarding to help businesses grow and watch them succeed.